by Gerald Kein




by Gerald Kein

(Thanks to my friend, Gerald Kein, who has granted me permission to put this article on my website. I am in agreement with the focus of the article. Paul G. Durbin)

Last year , I attended a hypnosis convention out west. Since then I have taken time to reflect on both our professional conferences and our need to be looked upon as professionals.

I attended the convention with the projected mind set of a licensed professional, such as a psychologist or an MD. From that position, I could readily understand how the appearance of our profession could be less than appealing. I offer the following observations:

One of the first things I noticed in the exhibit area was that at least 60% of the products offered were in no way related to the profession of clinical hypnotism.

There were crystals, aura reading machines, all sorts of metaphysical jewelry , herbal healing items, aroma therapy supplies, electronic muscle stimulating devices, Indian clothing, electronic massage machines and many more items having not a thing to do with the hypnosis profession Upon reviewing the seminars, workshops and courses that would be presented I found some of the following: How to Contact Your Spirit Guides, Entity Removal, Spirit Elimination, How You Can Have an Out of Body Experience, How to Become a Reiki Master, Multi-level marketing, Aroma Therapy, Massage Therapy, etc. Approximately 50% of the speakers were presenting in these categories.

If hypnosis is ever to be taken seriously by licensed professionals and the general public, we must present a professional image and behave in a professional manner. I feel it would benefit the hypnosis practitioner immensely if future hypnosis conferences would deal only with the clinical or self-improvement aspects of hypnosis in seminars and workshops. Exhibits should be limited to those items which enhance the hypnotist's skills. I have attended several conferences sponsored by licensed professionals and I can say I never saw anything sold or presented that would reflect negatively on their profession. Everything offered or demonstrated was totally clinical and appropriate to the profession.

I have nothing against any other type of therapy be it reiki, aroma therapy, touch therapy, etc. I am confident they help people or they would not be in existence. I do believe these practitioners should form professional organizations and hold conferences on these individual therapies.

By including them with the hypnosis profession we are creating confusion for those who would avail themselves of our services. We have spent many years earning respect and positive legislative decisions. It might be best if they do the same in their unique transformational professions.

Metaphysically oriented hypnosis practitioners might also consider the formation of a separate hypnosis organization. Many people have a tremendous interest in this area. The presentation of their ideas and products would be totally appropriate in that arena.

An important part of our profession as professional hypnotists is to do everything we can to educate the uninformed, whether it be the general public or legislators, concerning our profession. We need to give them clinical facts, in language with which they are familiar.

Discussing spirit guides, or showing them crystals, herbs, aroma bottles or electronic muscle simulators can only bring more negative comments and press. We need to advance our profession with words, acts and deeds that enable us to be perceived seriously and with respect by other professionals.

In addition, our behavior and information presentation to the media, whether it be newspapers or television, should be completely professional at all times. It is important that we say nothing nor demonstrate nothing that would be negative or embarrassing to our profession. The media thrives on the outrageous. We should never do or say anything that would cast hypnosis in a negative light just for a brief minute of personal media exposure. We must understand that once a reporter has his story published, he has no reason or desire to file any update or correction with the other side of the story. It becomes old news and the public is left with the original impression, good or bad.

The titles we use in our profession also reflect on our professionalism. For example, most of you know that on the Internet you can now buy a doctorate degree in the subject of your choice without meeting any educational requirements! These are not even mail order degrees. Just send the money and receive your diploma by return mail. Can you imagine how these degrees would reflect on our profession upon examination by any state licensing or regulatory commission! Good grief! We should be proud that we are Certified or Board Certified Hypnotists. We do not need ill gotten professional titles to make us look more important.

Professional image is, without a doubt, the one area where we all can focus and improve in order to help our profession grow and prosper. As the profession grows, we will continue to learn more techniques and therapies to quickly and dramatically help our clients. Let's show the world, not only can we look and act professional... we are professional!

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