Reverend Joe McClain: (Now retired United Methodist Minister). "I have used more sermon illustrations from Kissing Frogs than any sermon book I have ever owned."

Kim Manning: "Happy Thanksgiving to you. So good to hear from you. I just incorporated your "chicken and eagle with two endings" script into my introduction relaxation compact disc (this is given in preparation to sessions). Wow, it turned out great! Since the conference, I have more motivation then ever to listen to my language to myself (thanks to you and your suggestions) and I am now aware of how unconditioned my ears and language has been. Again, I am making positive changes. I am reading your book Kissing Frogs (and enjoying it). I want you to know "you have been a miracle placed in my life". Thank you, Kim Manning (attended Chaplain Paul G. Durbin and Artie McMurtrey’s "Pain Management and Enhancing Healing" at IMDHA 2001 Conference.)

David Greenfield: Subject: Praises to God for you: Greetings to you Sir, My name is David and I'm an African American male in Washington, DC. I came across your articles and webpage from my search to find things that are Christian related and also hypnosis. I am from the belief that Christianity is a mystical religion and I have been reading and practicing some self-hypnosis and I have found the benefits to be heaven sent. Well I take it a step further and I would say that I try not to get stuck or bound to many religious sects. Anyway. This is not only a gift from God but this is how we have been created. In one of your articles you referenced the passage where Jesus says that "I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly". You should have said the verse before that which says "the devil comes to steal and rob". I feel that the evil is our ignorance and the trick of the devil is to keep us believing that we have to suffer and feel pain. I found your article to be a blessing and you have added interest to me and have given me more validation. Thank you. I would be honored if you could respond to me but I can imagine that you are extremely busy.

But remember with hypnosis and with the power of the Word and our consciences we have the VICTORY!!! Thank you and God bless you.

Anatoly Livshits: Brooklyn, New York. "Dear Dr. Paul Durbin. Thank you very much for the conversation on the phone. Again thank you very much for your excellent book Kissing Frogs: The Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy and for great introduction to Alfred Adler and Victor Frankl. Thanks"

Rev. Alice Gardiner: A clergy hypnotherapist from UK "Dear Chaplain Durbin (August 22, 2000) In January this year I took my first charge as a Baptist Minister looking after a joint Baptist and URC congregation in central London. While studying (a very late entrant I'm now 54 years of age) at Regents Park College, Oxford. (Baptist Minister's Training College) I took a closer look at healing. Through various projects and visiting healing centers I investigated different aspects of healing such as inner healing, creative visualization, etc. I was greatly surprised to find similarities to hypnotherapy. I was even more surprised to discover that in fact hypnosis can help enhance much of life including our spiritual life. Sadly, as far as I am aware, there are no Christian Ministers in Britain practicing hypnotherapy. Nor are there any books from a Christian perspective either. So you can imagine how delighted I was to discover your 'Human Trinity Hypnotherapy' through the internet. I have visited your web site and found so much very helpful indeed. And that is my first reason for writing, simply to say thank you for the help you have made available. The second reason for writing is to ask permission to use some your material in an essay I am writing for Regents Park College (only 10,000 words) entitled Healing, Hypnosis and the Christian. This is part of my ongoing probationary studies. Another reason is to ask permission to use some of your stories/scripts as I minister here in London. As a result of seeing the value of Hypnosis I am currently training (part time) as a hypnotherapist through the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and have already gained the certificate. The course I am on is recommended by the NHS (National Health Service) and is the best training in hypnotherapy (I understand) that Britain offers at this time. My congregation is very small only 20 people, but we have a very large building and we believe that God is leading us to refurbish and to set up a healing center, which will include hypnotherapy. In fact I hope to start practicing in a very small way in October. The task in front of me I know is extremely challenging not only from the point of view of setting up a healing center, but of allaying the fears of the Christians. The task is easier knowing that there are already Christians practicing in such an effective way to the glory of God. If you can offer any further advice or help it will be wonderful to receive it. Yours sincerely, Rev. Alice Gardiner Email"

Joanne Southland of Muskegon, MI. I talked with you at the IMDHA Convention in October, 1999. At that time, I told you how much I enjoyed your book, Kissing Frogs. I am sending you a testimonial to use and edit as you feel necessary.) Kissing Frogs: The Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy is a "must read" for everyone interested in practicing hypnosis. I, while reading, use post notes for quick reference. Kissing Frogs has post notes across the side and across the bottom. It is filled with a wealth of information, valuable scripts and self-help techniques. It will continue to be may companion for inspiration as well as a regular reference for my practice. Dr. Paul Durbin has make a great contribution to our profession by offering to this valuable tool. Joanne Southland.

Ann Wesso Comments regards "Death and Dying" article: "Dear Paul, Many blessings for the New Year. I enjoy your updates and checking into your website. As you may remember, I had the breast tumor, which is gone now...thank God. I used tremendous visualization and prayer techniques which I know made the difference. Yet still experiencing some pain and looking at the deeper meaning behind all that happened. I also learned a great deal from the people who helped, criticized my choices and prayed for me...that was an incredible experience. I also recognize some of the stages of Death and Dying - the article you wrote. FYI, I was angry at God and then also thought about if I died, what then? At a certain point, a sense of peace and love came over me and I accepted all that was happening. I believe that was the turning point. If I was not a practicing hypnotherapist, I do not know how it would have gone. I am grateful to you for your kind thoughts and prayers during a difficult time for me last year. I send you my prayers for a wonderful New Year! Ann Wesso"

Trey Harris Comments on Hypnosis and Religion: Trey Harris Algiers UMC "Paul, I have often wondered about the Christian perspective on hypnotherapy. I am always concerned about opening a person's spirit to whatever "spirits" might be ready and willing to participate in hypnosis. It seems to me, however that what you said in your articles, "Hypnosis and Religion" and "The Bible and Hypnosis" makes sense. I use a lot of prayer in my counseling sessions. I have used images much like the one of Jesus by a patient's bedside to bring comfort and healing to persons being counseled. I have also seen people "slain in the spirit" during these prayer sessions. There was no prior mention of falling out or coming under the Spirit's power so I have to think the response was genuine. (I have seen a lot of ungenuiness in this area as well) I have been leery of hypnosis, but after reading some of your articles I wonder if what I do in prayer counseling is that different from what you do in your sessions? Your thoughts would be appreciated."

James Braid Society of London: Bill Doult, Secretary: "Dear Dr Durbin: Thank you for alerting us to your website. I was mostly impressed as it has several excellent features plus its tone is informal but professional. So many hypnotherapy sites seemed to be just crass business promotions. So I will be pleased to pass on details of your site to the members of the James Braid Society and no doubt many of them will visit it. Meanwhile I hope the following information will interest you. The James Braid Society is a social club for hypnotherapists in London and South East England. Entirely non-profit making, its purpose is to "promote friendship and co-operation among its members and membership" is open to anyone involved in the ethical use of hypnosis for therapy or research. Our members include both full time and part-time therapists, counselors, psychotherapists, consultant psychiatrists and lay students. The only people ineligible for membership are those who use hypnosis for the purposes of entertainment. For some time it’s been my intention to send open invitations to hypnotherapy organizations around the world - particularly in the States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa - explaining that if their members happened to be in London on holiday or business, they would be very welcome to attend our meetings. As a club we felt it would be a good idea to foster international links. The society meets one evening a month in Central London for talks, workshops and discussions. For instance this month's meeting discussed phobias including demonstrations of several different therapeutic techniques. Next month (July) we are due a talk on patients with problems of gender identify. We meet everymonth except August while in December we have a dinner evening shortly before Christmas. I wondered therefore whether you would pass this information on to your associates and colleagues and maybe inform me of hypnotherapy associations in the US which might also be interested in passing on this invitation to their members. We have had one or two American guests attend and others will always be made very welcome. The club can be emailed at On a personal level I was interested to learn you are resident hypnotherapist at the Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital. In the UK, hypnotherapy is also becoming more available on the National Health Service. Over the past year I have been organizing a randomized controlled study, "Hypnotherapy as a resource for asthma and emphysema patients" - at the Chest Clinic at Battle Hospital, Reading. The trial is expected to run another two or three years but the results are already encouraging. Yours sincerely, Bill Doult, Secretary, James Braid Society

Diana Rowlee on Kissing Frogs: Hello, I just wanted to send you an email and let you know that I had read that you were going to be the new president of IMDHA (of which I am a member). This was particularly interesting and exciting to me because I had just finished your book "Kissing Frogs". As a relatively new therapist, I am voraciously reading and studying as much as I can. Your book is the absolute best! No kidding. The content is wonderful, it is well organized, well written, love it. Currently a library book, it will soon occupy a space as one of my personal books. The way you incorporated specific scriptures into therapy is so impressive. I really can't express how much I enjoyed your book. As a personal friend of Fr. Patton, I know of his skill as a therapist and his virtues as a person. I am pleased to be associated with an organization with the caliber of leaders as yourself and Bishop Patton (now Bishop). I'm looking forward to your leadership of the organization. If ever I can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to ask. Sincerely, Diana Rowlee

"Please feel free to post that email on your website. And yes, I also am looking forward to the conference this fall. Diana"

Kevin Hogan, Author of The Psychology of Persuasion and Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down "Kissing Frogs is a brilliant introduction to hypnosis! Paul Durbin is an experienced hypnotherapist and pastor. His book captures the key elements of hypnosis and presents a simple method for the reader to use hypnosis for his/her own personal growth. His love for people comes through and the techniques he teaches you will last you a lifetime. I heartily recommend this book!

Roy Hunter, Author of The Art of Hypnosis & The Art of Hypnotherapy.(For picture of Hunter go to ) "I highly recommend Kissing Frogs for anyone engaged in the professional practice of hypnotherapy, whether as a full-time profession or as an adjunct to a counseling practice. I also recommend this to anyone of the cloth, as Dr. Durbin has successfully blended hypnotherapy with pastoral counseling. Additionally, the author's background as a minister should encourage any Christian having conflicts about whether to consider either experiencing hypnotherapy or learning the art as a part of his/her profession. The fact that I teach hypnosis in a college should add credibility to my recommendation of Dr. Durbin's fine work. This book shares the wisdom of practical experience!

C. Devin Hastings: "Chaplain Durbin's book concisely bridges the gap between ignorance and proof of God's miracles. Read on page 88 where it is states when the catholic church issued statements approving of the use of hypnosis. Additionally, on page 199 one can read about how a doctor was assisted by Chaplain Durbin to halt bleeding that could not be stopped. As an experienced hypnotist I found this book to provide excellent information. This book can be used by anyone who desires change in their life. Enlightening and Comprehensive. Great for all levels.

Jeanie Gipson: State of Washington: "Good morning Paul, We enjoyed your company very much last Saturday night (With Michael Greshman and Zara. I enjoyed an evening of fellowship, dinner and interesting discussion with Paul and Jeanie Gipson on their boat in Seattle, July 14, 2001). I want to share with you that I have just begun to read your book Kissing Frogs: The Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy and already I have found what I was missing. The spiritual aspect of my hypnotherapy. I have been struggling on how to convey the spiritual part of my hypnosis (mostly to family) and you have given me the tool, and the words, and the how to, on being able to reach out to people on that level. Thank you Paul. I am excited about completing your book and all the information I will acquire from it. Jeanie"

Steve Dykstra, Trek Associates: Kissing Frogs: The Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy is a book authored by Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D. (For picture go to: ) The text deals with the theory of hypnosis, guidelines, examples, and case histories from the experience of the author. Rev. Durbin is a retired army Brigadier General, now serving as Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy at Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital in New Orleans. He bases much of his work in hypnotherapy on the human trinity - each person is a unity within himself or herself made up of body, mind, and spirit. These three aspects of being are different but very much integrated. When they are in harmony, life is "smooth:. The author contends that Human Trinity Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help individuals overcome unwanted habits, improve self-confidence, enhance healing and release unnatural fears and phobias.

In reading the book from cover to cover (and some sections, several times), we were struck with three things: 1) the vast experience of the author which is easily transmitted to the reader, 2) the range and scope with which Rev. Durbin has used hypnosis, and 3) the wonderful use of stories, spiritualism, Biblical references, and metaphor which Rev. Durbin uses, according to the needs of his clients, and which are offered not as dogma but as suggestions and insightful examples of starting where the client really is... which is the essence of successful hypnosis. I also very much enjoyed reading Rev. Durbin's comments on the use of hypnosis in assistance those dealing with death and dying.

The book is well written and edited. Some useful, practical and technical aspects of clinical technique are presented. Case histories are both useful and entertaining. In the Age of Anxiety (which the author calls our present era), it is the goal of the hypnotherapist to provide the client with hope. As he states, "There are mountains to climb and rivers to cross, but we are making advances which will be of great benefit to the people in our world. Let us accept the challenge in unity and begin to climb the mountains and cross the rivers as we fulfill our mission" (p. 245). This is a good book for seasoned professionals but a GREAT book for those new to the field of hypnotherapy, hoping to learn more about what it can strive for and attain.

Aphrodite Kyriakou: Sidney Austria: Dear Paul, Just a small note to thank you for sending me your website with such wonderful insights and information that can be used and passed on to clients. I am a Psychologist in Sydney as well as a Hypnotherapist who practices mind, body, spirit integration in my work with people. I thus have found your stories and parables and metaphors very enlightening and healing and have already in my mind worked out the current people I am working with who can benefit from a different perspective through stories or parables. I wish I had the time to research this alone and put it all into a book but at the moment I can apply what I have under my wing and keep more articles in mind as I come across them for my clients. I also deal with many non-insightful, non-psychologically minded people with no English at times with whom I need different types of resources like these which can break barriers into simple understanding to get messages across e.g. with pain management or stress etc. So in short I thank you and will very much benefit from your good work and efforts and study, I feel very privileged and touched and will use this for the benefit of my clients. Regards, Aphrodite.

David Kato (Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic UK ) writes: “Got back to the UK from IMDHA conference Thursday, just to thank Paul for his wonderful signed book Hypnotherapy for Body, Mind and Spirit. During the conference I took it out to put it in the car, began reading the first few pages and was so interested, sat in the car for an hour reading it. A real pleasure to read for beginners and the more experienced hypnotherapist. Many thanks Paul. David Kato”